12 janvier 2018

Craig Lewis à Paris le 31 janvier 2018 !

Lien vers l’événement !

Greetings to my brothers and sisters in France and French speakers everywhere.

With my deepest gratitude, and via this most cherished opportunity; I greet you here today from my heart.

As a child,  I lived with an insatiable thirst for adventure and to experience the world and all its peoples.

Always a dreamer, I lived every day believing that something better was out there for me and even as I did not know what the better life was or how to make it mine; I believed that every sunrise was a new beginning.

I did not know how to make sense of the world, or people, and I did not understand the cruelty that was and often still is, a feature of so many relationships of all sorts, that I have had and have.

Thankfully, I no longer have any difficulty understanding why people engage in acts of cruelty and this wisdom allows me to see them in a different light.

However, in order to find peace within my heart; I needed to forgive all who have hurt me.

By doing so; I could see that it was the innocence and the pure capacity of love, of a newborn baby; the newborn baby that we all still are in our heart, that somewhere throughout their life, was shattered, resulting in our broken hearts not healing back to their previously unbroken state.

Without this healing,  we cry in pain, via harmful words and actions, and we do so in adult form, barely recognizing the damage we perpetuate, when what we really want is  to be loved, understood, accepted and embraced.

In my experience, for those of us who have been hurt in the most extreme ways; the path to healing may require applying  an introspective method like  Better Days/Un jour nouveau.  This work is the product of my attempt to find light while shrouded in darkness. Nothing else worked for me so I created Better Days.

I come to you on this, my triumphant fifth journey to Europe, to share what I have learned about healing from a broken heart.  I do so with the greatest awareness I have ever known, of how deeply my heart has been shattered and  with the most beautiful desire and commitment to healing and helping others experience something similarly beautiful. You will soon meet a man who actively chooses to live his childhood dream that something better out there was in reach  even if he did not know what it was or how to achieve it. I now know what it means to truly love and I know my value and it is my choice to live my truth.

I accept truth and nothing less.  

I look for the beauty in all people.

I forgive and I love.

The white fire within me guides and protects me.

I am by nature, a prism, and as we view what we do not know, with our built in (and altered via trauma and experiences) reflexes,   I challenge you to join me in discovering your truth, about you. There is always work to do. We all owe it to ourselves to improve ourselves. We are all worthy of living our truth. We are all worthy of being free, being known and being loved.

I come to you with the deepest love for Better Days, New Traditions and Un jour nouveau. I come to you to share what I have learned because this is how I heal; by helping others.

I must do this for the rest of my life and I cannot live another day that is anything less than focused on healing and beauty and love.

In order to do this I no longer have a home to live in, in the United States.

You read that correctly.

My home is in my heart.

When we act from a source of love; miracles are truly possible.

There are “Better Ways for Better Days”  – these words are the truth as spoken by Sherry, (co-author of ‘New Traditions’ our brand new workbook – currently in English) and I strive to live this truth and as I do so; with each new day, with every ‘Un jour nouveau’, I become a better version of me. You can do the very same thing and this is my message to you. This is Better Days. This is New Traditions. This is Un jour nouveau.

Thank you for embracing me in Paris on January 31st and every day forward.

I come in peace.



Cat-Dad, Spiritual Human,  Expert by Experience and Author of Better Days and Co-Author of New Traditions

January 11, 2018


[traduction française d’ici quelques jours … ]

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