1 janvier 2017

Mad Studies: Intersections with Disability Studies, Social Work, and ‘Mental Health’

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VOL 5, NO 3 (2016)


A Global Journal of Social Work Analysis, Research, Polity, and Practice

Special Issue: Mad Studies: Intersections with Disability Studies, Social Work, and ‘Mental Health’



Editorial: Destination Mad Studies PDF
Brenda A. LeFrançois, Peter Beresford, Jasna Russo 1–10


Doing Mad Studies: Making (Non)sense Together PDF
Richard A. Ingram 11–17
An Introduction to Anti-Black Sanism PDF
Sonia Meerai, Idil Abdillahi, Jennifer Poole 18–35
Why Mad Studies Needs Survivor Research and Survivor Research Needs Mad Studies PDF
Angela Sweeney 36–61
Recovery-as-Policy as a Form of Neoliberal State Making PDF
Brigit McWade 62–81
“About Nothing Without Us”: A Comparative Analysis of Autonomous Organizing Among People Who Use Drugs and Psychiatrized Groups in Canada PDF
Christopher B. R. Smith 82–109
Too Young to Be Mad: Disabling Encounters with ‘Normal’ from the Perspectives of Psychiatrized Youth PDF
Maria Liegghio 110–129
Relocating Mad_Trans Re_presentations Within an Intersectional Framework PDF
Eliah Hannes Lüthi 130–150
A Desire to be ‘Normal’? A Discursive and Intersectional Analysis of ‘Penetration Disorder’ PDF
Jemma Tosh, Krista Carson 151–172
Racialized Communities, Producing Madness and Dangerousness PDF
Frank Keating 173–185
Psy-Times: The Psycho-Politics of Resilience in University Student Life PDF
Katie Aubrecht 186–200


1 janvier 2017

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